Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten Club gets "hopping" on some Easter Bags

This month we chose to fill Easter Bags. Enough supplies were donated that we were able to fill 100 BAGS!!!

Michelle, Susan, Christine, Missy and Suzanne

Bev, Shauna and Bella

{{Yummy}} food. Thanks Susan!!

Brenda (the twins) and Bella

Jill and Susan filling the bags with the eggs

Tons of treats to fill the eggs

Mary, Linda, Sue, Jeanette and Nell filling Easter eggs

Rachel, Shauna and Missy filling bags

Amanda, Michelle, Angie, Taylor and Melia filling eggs and bags

Cheesy Missy!! and michelle

Amanda, Melia and rachel working hard.

Missy, Amanda, Michelle, Angie and Shauna filling the bags

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