Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sobering video on texting while driving

Make sure to watch the very end. There were a few things I learned.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Downloadable Chore Chart

So it's been pretty crazy at the weiland house the past few months. I haven't updated anything on this blog. I created this new chore chart for one of the kiddos and thought I'd post it and see if it's helpful to anyone else. No need reinventing the wheel all the time.

It's designed for ONE kid, SEVEN days and SIX jobs. I put a link to the word file so you can add your own text in the text boxes and print them out. Or just print it out and write on it.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Funniest Time Sucker!!

If you love jack in the box, or just their sense of humor, you have to go here and play around in Jack's office. It's so fun! Make sure and click on the phone so you can have jack trash talk one of your friends!!

And there is a whole video series of Jack getting hit by a bus and being in a's so funny...if you like that kind of thing.

Disclaimer: I WARNED you it was a time sucker!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quilter is Quitting!!

Linda is having a Boutique SALE at her home this Saturday, May 23rd from 9am-1pm.
Stop by and take advantage of all the great things that need to go!!

Kits and patterns




and more!!

Fabric quarters 5/$1

Fabric Remnants $2/yard

Stop by early for the best selection!!
10627 Fiddlesticks

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Ten Club helps women in crisis

This month we met at Suzanne Gallup's house and put together these great kits for the Women and Children in Crisis center in Provo. We got a HUGE donation from Michelle of Mary Kay samples and Gift Certificates! We were able to make 30 pampering kits with those supplies plus nail polish, candles, lotions and other pampering goodies that were donated.

The shelter told us that the women are currently using HAND TOWELS to dry themselves off after a shower. We were able to get some donated towels and then used some of the money to buy more towels for these women.

We also bought new pillows (another need) and received donations of conditioner and journals. It's amazing sometimes the things we take for granted. The women in this shelter have survived abuse and sexual assault and it's nice to be able to provide them with a few things of comfort.

Thanks to all for your donations and support!

Our Mary Kay Donation

A Special Thanks goes out to Lynette Brown, Mary Kay Sales Director for supplying so many great pampering items and offering gift certificates. Please visit her website to view products or call her at 801-796-9463.

Organizing by Amy

Some people call it a sickness...others say it's just wrong....but I just can't help it!! I have one of those organized minds! And yes, my refrigerator is labeled!
I have been a professional organizer for MANY years and I'm looking to take on a few new clients. If you or someone you know needs a better pantry/food storage system, or toys under control, or just wants to know if there is any help....give me a call! Consultations are FREE and it's more affordable than you think.

No more wasted food!!

And yes, there is always Diet Coke!!

Treats from Cupcakes by Les

You may know about one of our very talented neighbors, Lesleigh. She has a GREAT cake/cupcake/cookie business. You have to check her out at Cupcakes by Les. Her treats are SOOOOOO good and SOOOOOO cute!! These are the sugar cookies that I had her make for Easter. I used them as place settings for dinner and they were so adorable! (Of course I didn't get a picture of that, but here they are before that...) They all had a bit of a sparkle to them and of course were to die for! Thanks Lesleigh!!!

she put extra frosting on mine!! Does she know me or what?!

Baby Bliss/Cherished Moments on Good Things Utah!

As many of you know, Allyson Morris has the CUTEST boutique in Pleasant Grove. She was recently on Good Things Utah with some of her stuff! Here are a few cute shots. Go see her this week at the HOLY COW Boutique in the old PG rec center.

Al and Carmindy. Like her dress? Thanks...I made it. {wink}

The studio audience

I thought this was just the CUTEST shot of Marti and Carmindy

The GTU girls getting ready to go on

Carmindy spinning

Necia, Angie, Marti, Reagan, Al and Carmindy

Necia, Al, Angie, Rebecca, Marti, Ashley and Reagan

Carmindy spinning some more

Ten Club gets "hopping" on some Easter Bags

This month we chose to fill Easter Bags. Enough supplies were donated that we were able to fill 100 BAGS!!!

Michelle, Susan, Christine, Missy and Suzanne

Bev, Shauna and Bella

{{Yummy}} food. Thanks Susan!!

Brenda (the twins) and Bella

Jill and Susan filling the bags with the eggs

Tons of treats to fill the eggs

Mary, Linda, Sue, Jeanette and Nell filling Easter eggs

Rachel, Shauna and Missy filling bags

Amanda, Michelle, Angie, Taylor and Melia filling eggs and bags

Cheesy Missy!! and michelle

Amanda, Melia and rachel working hard.

Missy, Amanda, Michelle, Angie and Shauna filling the bags