Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Ten Club helps women in crisis

This month we met at Suzanne Gallup's house and put together these great kits for the Women and Children in Crisis center in Provo. We got a HUGE donation from Michelle of Mary Kay samples and Gift Certificates! We were able to make 30 pampering kits with those supplies plus nail polish, candles, lotions and other pampering goodies that were donated.

The shelter told us that the women are currently using HAND TOWELS to dry themselves off after a shower. We were able to get some donated towels and then used some of the money to buy more towels for these women.

We also bought new pillows (another need) and received donations of conditioner and journals. It's amazing sometimes the things we take for granted. The women in this shelter have survived abuse and sexual assault and it's nice to be able to provide them with a few things of comfort.

Thanks to all for your donations and support!

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